Jacques vs Jack

Supermarché vs Supermarket

Carrefour, the French hypermarket, is the largest retailer in the world in terms of size. Walmart is the largest in revenue. Both sale rock-bottom priced goods. And both can make a mean rotisserie chicken.

Now which store has the most ‘interesting’ customers? Yeah, that’s a hard one for us, too.

Flunch vs Applebee’s

In my opinion, no five-star restaurant can compete with the home-cooked taste and great value of the middle-class family dining options above. Flunch (above) is as common and delicious as America’s Applebee’s (below).

Essence vs Gas

It is better to live in the U.S. when you want to use your car.

In France (above), gas is sold in liters. It will cost an American, after conversion, a whopping $7.82 dollars/gallon.

In America (below), gas is sold in gallons. It will cost a Frenchman, after conversion, a mere 0,81 euros/liter.

Route vs Road

Nearly everything is super-sized in America, including our gigantuous roads (below). Although the scenery in France (above) cannot be beaten, the small, winding roads can be scary for non-native drivers.

Wife sues for sex; American or French?

A reluctant husband has been sued for 10,000 euros by his wife for failing to have sex with her for ‘a period of several years’.

The 51-year-old Frenchman, named only as Jean-Louis, neglected his matrimonial duties to wife Monique in Nice, who sued him for 10,000 euros and took her divorce case to an Appeal Court.

The court in Aix-en-Provence heard that the couple had been married for 21 years and raised two children on the French Riviera.

But the strains of work and illness prevented Jean-Louis from fulfilling his matrimonial duties, his advocate pleaded.

Announcing her decision the judge quoted the French civil and penal code, which requires both parties in a marriage to respect ‘lifelong community’ requiring them by law to have sexual relations.

Source: Daily Mail (UK)

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